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Protect your baby from supermarket trolley germs…

With several recent studies finding supermarket shopping trolleys a major haven for nasty bacteria, including the dreaded E. coli, it’s no wonder that so many Mums are turning to trolley baby seat covers as the clean shoppers choice to protect their precious bubs from harm. This month we reviewed one of the best-known and trusted Australian shopping trolley baby seat cover brands – No More Nasties Trolley Seat Covers.

You can tell just by looking at their baby trolley covers, that No More Nasties know their stuff – and so they should. No More Nasties have specialised in making superior supermarket trolley covers for Australian babies for over ten years. These are not your average mass-produced, poor-quality trolley covers either. No More Nasties produce high-quality products, with expert design and workmanship – and happily, more than reasonable prices!

No More Nasties insist on using high quality fabric for their trolley covers – and plenty of it. No More Nasties trolley covers generously extend right over all trolley seat surfaces, including the worst area for germs – the trolley handle. Baby is protected from supermarket trolley germs in a safe, comfortable and hygienic environment – and so is safe from any nasties, just like the brand name says!

Apart from using the best quality fabrics, No More Nasties also happen to offer the coolest range of cover designs around too – you’ll be like a kid in a candy shop when selecting your design – from Geishas to cow spots, the brightly coloured patterns will delight your baby and make you look ultra-chic in the supermarket queue!

“The trolley cover comfort factor has to be one of the stand-out features of this shopping trolley cover…”
The trolley cover comfort factor has to be one of the stand-out features of this trolley cover. Baby is kept cosy and comfortable with the most thickly padded covers around – a generous 250gram wadding offers baby a super-comfy seat and ride. There’s no need to worry about the cover coming astray either, with firm snap closures – when you put your cover on it stays on!


No More Nasties shopping trolley covers come with a number of special features
There is a large rear pocket to store all the essentials for a trip out with bub. There is also a handy toy loop to clip baby’s toys to, so that they don’t get thrown overboard when you’re not looking! Perhaps most useful of all, the trolley seat cover also comes with a matching pillow so that if bub needs a rest they have somewhere to lay their head down – rather than be uncomfortably slumped over with no support.

Custom design your trolley cover!

The No More Nasties team understand that not everyone’s needs are they same, so they also offer a range of baby trolley seat cover options. You can get a basic trolley seat cover, which is the same great shape, quality fabric and full wadding, but without the extras – the back pocket, pillow and toy loop. This way, you don’t get what you don’t need – or it may just be that you wish to purchase something a little cheaper.

No More Nasties baby products also encompass a range of beautiful pram liners made with the same quality and attention to detail. There is a universal liner that fits all prams – or you can custom order one to fit your exact pram.

And of course there is the brilliantly innovative No More Nasties nappy wallet. Nappy wallets free you from having to lug your nappy bag along on those short trips out – which makes them great for those quick trips to the shops. Nappy wallets hold 2-3 nappies, a pack of travel wipes and even some nappy sack bags – perfect!

It’s easy to see why No More Nasties Trolley Covers are so popular…

Their quality, style and functionality are in a class of their own. If you’re after the best baby trolley cover, get a No More Nasties Baby Trolley Cover – it’s destined to become your baby’s new trolley mate!

To view the No More Nasties range of gorgeous patterns and themes and choose the perfect trolley cover for your bub, you can visit the No More Nasties Trolley Seat Covers website here

No More Nasties are also on Facebook! Read a multitude of delighted customer’s testimonials, and join their thousands of followers on Facebook here


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