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This month we’re reviewing ABC Reading Eggs – “Where Kids Learn to Read”, with SingleMum’s own Miss Four taking them for a test run…

If you are thinking about trying the ABC Reading Eggs program with your pre-schooler or, even kindergarten or 1st class/grade school child, then prepare to lose your computer – because the kids will be lining up to get onto the Reading Eggs website as often as you’ll let them!

ABC Reading Eggs is a fantastic learning program for young children. It consists of an interactive website and supporting book packs – for both reading and writing (sold separately).

Each reading book pack includes 10 books, a poster and sticker sheet, parent guide and a FREE 14-day subscription to Optional Activity Books further reinforce letters and words, cleverly merging them into fun activities and puzzles – the kids don’t even know they’re learning how to write their letters! The only draw-back with the book packs is that they can be a little steeply priced, and are rarely discounted or on special. Many parents suggest that the program can be successfully used without purchasing the supporting book packs, however, if you’re on a tight budget.


Instant fun
Miss Four became an ABC Reading Eggs fan from the moment we opened the Starting Out Pack. The colourful books and stickers immediately got her attention, and although she hadn’t had much hands-on experience with computers before, she quickly got the hang of it from the first lesson, although admittedly some of the games did require fairly advanced mouse skills that took her some time to master.

Reading Egg lessons are interactive and fun, with Level 1 lessons concentrating on letters of the alphabet, letter combinations and short words. Lessons gently progress towards simple sentences, with cute little characters singing and dancing praise for completed lessons along the way.

Easy for children to use
Whilst I was there to encourage and assist with the lessons and games that Miss Four completed, it is quite possible for children to progress through the program with minimal supervision. Large buttons to click on and mouse roll-over narration of letters and words makes navigation easy.

Miss Four frequently repeated lessons simply to view the characters singing and dancing at the end, which often resulted in delighted shrieks of laughter. Another incentive to complete her lessons was the ABC Reading Eggs reward system golden eggs, which could then be used to “purchase” Reading Egg online games in the “Arcade” area of the site.


At the completion of each online lesson Miss Four happily read the corresponding letter book from the book pack, filled out the Activity Book exercises, and then proudly placed her reward stickers onto the Lesson Map.

Learning through play

The really great thing about ABC Reading Eggs is that your child is learning how to read without even realising it. Puzzles, games and songs all gently reinforce lesson themes, and kids want to repeat lessons over and over again just for the fun of it.

We’re now approaching the end of week two of Miss Fours adventure into Reading Eggs, and even in such a short period I can really see the results. She has gone from having a basic knowledge of the alphabet, to starting to put it all together, and is able to recognize several short words now.

There is a marked difference in her motivation to read too. Whilst previously Miss Four was a little intimidated by sounding out words, now she happily attempts to spell and sound out different words throughout the day. Reading Eggs have definitely given her a reading-confidence boost.

In summary…

The ABC Reading Eggs program for us, has been and still is very successful. The website is highly educational, yet very entertaining for young children, and the website support products that come in the packs integrate well with the lessons.

The Reading Eggs books are colourful and engaging, and with the optional Alphabet Flashcards and Activity books that encourage children to write the letters they’ve just learned, the complete package is a fun way for the littlies to develop a real love of learning – and that is something that every child can benefit from.

Australian Single Mum ABC Reading Eggs discount tips

The ABC Reading Eggs books are often available from Ebay cheaply. You can view an Ebay search for Reading Eggs here

ABC Reading Eggs program discounts can be found around the internet. Search for “ABC Reading Eggs discount codes” and search for bargain shopper websites. You should be able to extend your initial free trial sign-up at the ABC Reading Eggs website by several weeks.

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