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The 2013 Single Parent Election Comparison Table

Single Parent Election Quick-Guide | 05 September 2013


Wondering which political party is offering

the best deal for single parents?

Are you confused about who to vote for in the Federal Election this weekend? Wondering which political party is offering the best deal for single parents – but worried that it’s all just political spin anyway? Fear not! Now even the most time-poor single parent can compare the big single parent election questions to make a more informed choice on Election Day this Saturday.

We’ve combed the media for off-the-cuff pollie quotes, political party website policies, and of course utilised the invaluable NCSMC/CSMC Political Party Questionnaire to make an across-the-board comparison table for Labor, the Coalition (Liberal/Nationals), Greens and Democrats.

Due to disillusion with the major parties, in this election there is a large number of independents and fringe parties. These new candidates and parties are unlikely to have success in the House of Reps but could possibly obtain balance of power in the Senate – so particular care in the Senate voting should be taken.

Newstart (a.k.a “the Dole”), Child Support, Housing – the politicians replies (or side-steps!) are all here for you to ponder – but like anything else, don’t trust everything you read, weigh up the pros and cons – and remember that in the end only you can decide what the right vote is for you and your kids.

Brace yourself single mums and dads – it’s another Federal election, and it’s not going to be pretty…


Labor Party

Liberal Party (Coalition)



  Go to ALP website Go to the Liberal Party website
Go to The Greens website
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Newstart (Primary Carer)
Intend to roll-back
Newstart to Parenting
Payment Single

No indication
of change

Raise Newstart
by $90

Support Newstart increase
School Kids Bonus*


Support retention

Support retention
Family-flexible jobs Paid parental scheme in place
No further improvements
 to current system
Paid parental
leave scheme
Support employees obtaining
more stability & flexibility
in casual jobs
Cut tax rate for first
2yrs of new job
Support for Grandparents
providing child care for
 working sole parent
Study support Retain current system
Retain JET* at current rates
 (recently decreased)
No policy
Support reducing fees
Support current system
Housing Retain current system
Retain NRAS*
No policy
Support increase housing availability
Increase homeless services
Support current system
Child Care
 Retaining recently increased
Child Care Rebate
Trialing more flexible hours

Child Care review
to be undertaken in
 6 months if elected

Support increase & improve
to reduce waiting lists
Support current system
Child Support
No planned improvements
 to current system

No policy

Support extra funding
to pursue non-payers
Support review

Will advocate a full
Senate review of the
 Child Support Scheme
Family Law Family law amendments implemented.
 Investigating legal cost reduction.
No Legal Aid increase
at this time
No policy
Support increase to
Legal Aid funding
Support removing
“shared care” presumption

Support increase to
 Legal Aid funding
Carbon Tax* Retained but reduced Scrapping Support undetermined Support undetermined

* The Schoolkids Bonus currently provides $410 per annum for primary school students and $820 per annum for secondary school student.

* JET – Jobs Education and Training Child Care Fee Assistance provides extra help with the cost of approved child care – costs to users dramatically increased this year and was limited to a shorter period.

* National Rental Affordability Scheme (NRAS) is a $4.5 billion Labor Government initiative to stimulate the supply of up to 50,000 new, more affordable rental dwellings by June 2016.

* If the Carbon Tax was successfully removed, “electricity prices would drop 10 percent and gas bills would decrease by nine percent” (Tony Abbot).


National Council of Single Mothers and their Children (NCSMC) & Council of Single Mothers and their Children (CSMC) Australian Greens response
NCSMC & CSMC Australian Labor Party response
NCSMC & CSMC Australian Democrats response
ALP Website
Liberal Website
The Greens Website
The Democrats Website

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