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Special request to disseminate information about a research project – ‘Family Violence and Family Law’ – to separated parents and children (8-17 years)

As the Co-Coordinators of a research project funded by the Commonwealth Attorney-General’s Department we would be pleased if you could assist us to disseminate information to clients in your organisation and others in your network about links to two on-line surveys – one for separated parents and one for children (8-17 yrs) whose parents have separated.

The surveys seek to explore the experiences of parents and children during and after parental separation that has occurred since 1995. We are particularly interested in how family violence has impacted on the participants’ decision-making during relationship breakdown ( including decisions about accessing courts and dispute resolution services, decisions while attending courts and other services and the effect of family violence on parenting arrangements).

How can separated adults, and children (8-17yrs) whose parents have separated, participate in the research?

1. Adults who have separated from their partner since 1995, and children (8-17 years) whose parents have separated since 1995, can go to one of the following websites to access, complete, and submit the relevant survey.

Link to children’s and young people’s survey:

Link to adults’ survey:

Alternatively separated parents and children can print out a hard copy of one of the attached surveys and post it to:

Dr Joanne Baker
School of Psychology, Social Work and Social Policy
University of South Australia
GPO Box 2471
Adelaide SA 5001


Ms Paula Fernandez
Department of Social Work
Monash University
PO Box 197
Caulfield East VIC 3145

2. Secondly, at the end of the survey adults can nominate themselves and/or their child(ren) for a follow up telephone interview by providing a false first name (to preserve their anonymity), a phone number and the best time and day of the week to call.

3. Thirdly, separated adults and children can participate in a phone-in to be advertised in November this year. Phone-ins will be conducted in Adelaide, Melbourne and Townsville at times and dates to be advertised in State-based newspapers, by radio stations and a further email notice.

Participation in this research is voluntary and confidential.

If you or potential respondents have any questions about this project please contact one of the researchers listed below.

This project has been approved by the University of South Australia’s and Monash University’s Human Research Ethics Committees. If you have any ethical concerns about the project or questions about the rights of a participant please contact the Executive Officer of the UniSA committee, Telephone: +61 8 83023118; Email:

Thank you for your time and consideration. We value your assistance with this project and look forward to your response.

Kind regards

Associate Professor Dale Bagshaw

Professor Thea Brown

Research assistants:

Dr Joanne Baker, University of South Australia, Phone: 08 8302 4049

Ms Paula Fernandez Arias, Monash University, Phone: 03 9903 1130

Other researchers: Dr Sarah Wendt, Dr Elspeth McInnes and Dr Alan Campbell from the University of South Australia; Dr Becky Batagol, Dr Adiva Sifris and Dr Danielle Tyson from Monash University and Ms Beth Tinning (James Cook University).

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