Baby Care by Rhodanthe Lipsett

Baby Care by Rhodanthe Lipsett

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Single Mum Australia Book Review
Baby Care
Nuturing your baby your way
By Rhodanthe Lipsett OAM

Essential knowledge for the first three months

Baby Care is an excellent newborn baby book by Baby Guru Rhodanthe Lipsett OAM a former mid-wife and nurse with over 50 years experience.

I met Rodanthe in person at a Baby Fair soon after the birth of my first child five years ago and I clearly remember her generous and informative advice regarding my own baby at the time. Rodanthe has a capable but gentle way about her – and this shine’s through in Baby Care.


With such a wealth of experience to draw on – Rhodanthe has helped more than 23,000 mums with their new babies during her career – readers can’t help but benefit from her down-to-earth advice. As Baby Care covers not only newborn care but also the preparation and pregnancy leading up to the birth, it’s a fabulous reference for new mums to have on hand both before and after a new baby arrives on the scene.Baby Care features step-by-step practical advice covering all aspects of newborn baby-care, and upholds Rhodanthe’s personal mantra of “no one right way”. Rhodanthe’s book supports and encourages mother’s of newborns at a time when they are needing extra reassurance – that in this over-analysed parenting world, it is still okay for a mum to trust her instincts when it comes to what’s right for her own baby.

“Baby Care” by Rhodanthe Lipsett OAM is published by Finch Publishing, and can be purchased online at Booktopia

Book Details

Title: Baby Care
Author: Rhodanthe Lipsett OAM
Softcover: 447 pages
Publisher: Finch Publishing (2012)
Country of origin: Australia

A nurse and midwife, Rhodanthe Lipsett, OAM had over 50 years of helping new mothers before her retirement. Rhodanthe is a Fellow of the Australian College of Midwives. In 1992 she received the Order of Australia Medal. The Australian College of Midwives has established the Rhodanthe Lipsett Trust,a foundation to help Aboriginal and Torres Straight Islander women study to become midwives. A percentage of every copy sold of Rhodanthe’s book Baby Care will go to the Rhodanthe Lipsett Trust.

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