Be Brave by Karen Rochester

Be Brave by Karen Rochester

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Single Mum Children’s Book Reviews
Be Brave

By Karen Rochester


Has your child been harmed by someone?

Perhaps you suspect that they are being bullied, or abused by someone?

Be Brave, by Karen Rochester, is a valuable tool to help an emotionally or physically damaged child come to terms with what has happened, or is still happening to them – and teaches them how to make it stop.

The book gently leads the reader through possible symptoms of trauma caused by a harmful person. It seeks to let the reader know that to experience these feelings and thoughts is fine, normal and to be expected. It teaches them that destructive thoughts of self-blame are not true – that circumstances are not their fault, and that they have a right to be safe – that to hurt another person is not okay – ever.This book arms children with important knowlege – that what they are experiencing is an abusive situation. It teaches them that the perpetrator may lie to them and ask them to keep silent – and that this is how they keep hurting the victim. It carefully covers all angles as it encourages the child to tell a “safe” person that they trust what is happening to them – to be brave.

A excellent support book, Be Brave can give children the key to their own escape from a damaging situation, and let them know that everything will be okay if they can just be brave enough to let the secret go and tell someone what is happening to them.

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Book Details

Title: Be Brave
Recommended for ages: All ages
Author: Karen Rochester
Illustrations: Kat Chadwick
Editor, Riima Daher
Paperback: 40 pages
Publisher: JoJo Publishing (2011)
Country of origin: Australia
Official website:
ISBN: 0980871018, 9780980871012


About the Author

Author Karen Rochester

Karen Rochester was born in Sydney, Australia. She joined the Royal Australian Air Force (RAAF) as an Officer Cadet in 1990, and graduated from university with a Bachelor of Commerce Degree (HR and IR) in 1991 and a Diploma of Administration in 1992. While on duty in Melbourne in 1992, she was involved in a major motor vehicle accident which resulted in her requiring continuous rehabilitation, and was medically discharged from the RAAF in 2001.
Karen enjoys scuba diving and underwater photography, and also walking the dogs with her husband at their home in Canberra, Australia.

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