5 Business Ideas For Single Mums

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Five single mum business ideas

Being a single mum can be difficult enough but if you also have dreams of one day owning your own business then this may seem like an idea which is just impossible. There are so many obstructions for single mums when it comes to starting their own business, a lack of time, a lack of energy and in many cases a lack of funding to get started. Regardless of these challenges, there are some ideas which single mums can try, which will allow them to start their own business and fit it around their responsibilities, and here are 5 of them.


Being a florist from home can be a real money spinner and this is something which you can certainly do on a small scale whilst working around your kids. You can learn your craft either via a short course or something a little lengthier. Once you have a deeper understanding you can start to make arrangements for friends and family events, and all you’ll need is a little time and a space to work in.

Freelance Writer

The digital age presents a wide range of opportunities for single mums who wish to start a business and a great idea could be to begin freelance writing. There are many clients online who need content for their websites and business pages, and you can do this work on your own time, whenever you get a little bit of time to yourself. The beauty of this is you won’t have to leave home, commute, or even get dressed to do the job!

Network Marketing

Network marketing is a sales based business which is ideal for single mums. This is a tiered system which at first will see you selling to people in your community. Once you have done this for a short while you can then recruit other sellers to work on your team, and you will earn a percentage of what they make, as they make their own teams your income will grow exponentially, and after a short while you may not even have to do anything more than be there to manage your team.


A very popular option amongst many single mums is to offer childcare services for friends and neighbors. If you are going to be looking after your own children anyway then adding another child or two to the mix won’t be much more of a hardship and you can earn whilst you are doing it.

Virtual Assistant

Another great online business idea which you can do is that of a virtual assistant. This is a role which will see you handle emails, social media and other online responsibilities for your client. The job will be home based and virtual assistants can make a very good living. Take a look on freelance websites to apply for positions and then slowly build your own virtual assistant business as you look after your children from home.

It isn’t easy but there are options if you are prepared to hustle for it.

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