Moving Tips for Single Mums

Single mum moving home tips

Single mum moving home tips

Moving home is a challenge enough for families as it is, but for single mums that challenge is escalated significantly. With that being said, single mums are accustomed to doing things in a certain way, which is going to be of great help when moving day comes.

Single mums are used to doing the job of more than one person and they have a great understanding of the need to be organized and well prepared, key skills which will play a huge role when moving home. If you are a single mum with a move coming up, here are some tips which can help things run smoothly!

Call in the Troops

At least a month ahead of your moving day you need to call in as many favours as you can from friends and family, to support you on the big day. Remember that many hands make light work, which is why you should look to get as much help as possible. Give people advance warning so that they can plan this into their schedule, and be sure that everything is ready for them when they arrive.

Boxing Up

As soon as you know your moving date it is time to start boxing up your goods, no matter how early you are. When you think about it there is a huge percentage of things in the home which you don’t need to have on a daily basis, so get it boxed up and ready to go. Always ensure that you colour code your boxes based on which room they are from, this will help you greatly in unpacking when you get to the new place. Also don’t forget to mark fragile on boxes with breakable items in them.


When I moved home last year the final week in my old property consisted of my daughter and I sitting in the only chairs that hadn’t been packed up to go, eating off cardboard plates, it isn’t pretty but it is a huge help in getting prepared. When deconstructing the furniture in the home be sure that you tape a bag of screws and fixings from the piece, to help with furniture assembly at the other end. You might not be able to get the fridge or washing machine out just yet, but make sure that you have a plan for how to get them out of the house, and who will be giving you support in doing so.

Child Care

Your little one may very well want to offer their hands in support when you are getting ready for moving day but in reality this is not a great place for kids to be, and you are going to be stressed enough as it is. Ask a friend or family member to look after your children whilst the moving van or cars are getting packed up, just to make your life that little bit easier. If they aren’t keen on this idea, let them know how much you’ll need their help at the new place, unpacking all the boxes!

The key here is really to use any spare time you have in the weeks leading up to your moving day to get as prepared as you possibly can, the better you can do that, the easier the move will be.

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