Pool Cleaning Tips for Single Mums

Single mum swimming pools

Single mum swimming pools

Being a single mum is a tough job. You are forced to work, raise the kids, and manage the household all by yourself. Every little task adds up. When you have a pool, it’s another responsibility you put on yourself. However, it’s also great fun. Don’t let the pool become a hassle for you. Use these pool cleaning tips for single parents to help make the job easier so you can spend more time in the pool with the kids.

1. Skim Skim Skim

When leaves and other debris get into the pool, you need to use a skimmer to help remove them. This should be done daily during the pool season. Performing this simple task daily will prevent the debris from building up and causing even bigger problems.

2. Change Pool Filter Regularly

Inevitably, dirt and grime are going to find their way into the pool. The filter helps remove all of those problematic particles. The filter should be on at least six hours a day. The filter takes all of the unwanted gunk and puts it into a basket that you can simply empty. It’s best to empty this basket every week. Filters don’t last forever, though. If you start to notice it isn’t doing its job like once before, it might be time to replace a pool filter for a new one.

3. Get Yearly Maintenance

Every year before summer, you should have a professional come out and perform regular maintenance on the pool. Doing this every year ensures that your pool stays in tip top shape for you and your family for the year. Of course, that doesn’t mean you need to stop cleaning the pool and adding chemicals. Be sure to keep up on your other pool chores even after the maintenance appointment.

4. Use a Tennis Ball to Absorb Oil

Everyone has natural oils in their skin. This is enhanced when someone has sunscreen or other products on their skin. These oils stay in the water after you get out of the pool. However, tennis balls are made of fibers that naturally absorb these oils, helping the water stay clean.

5. Get the Kids to Help

The kids enjoy the pool just as much as you do if not more. If they want to keep enjoying it, they should learn how to help take care of it. Now, you want to wait until you think your child is old enough to complete the necessary tasks. For young children, you may want to supervise them. While this may cause more work initially, in a couple years they’ll be able to do the work with limited or no supervision, leaving you to do the numerous other tasks on your to-do list.


A pool is a great way to keep cool and enjoy time with the family. Unfortunately, it does require some effort. As a single mum, the task (like everything else) is left up to you. Using these tips can help maintaining the pool much easier.

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