100 things Aussie single mums can do on Valentines Day (no man required!)

Single mums on Valentines Day

Dreading Valentines Day this year? Fed up with romantic couples forcing public displays of affection down your throat at every turn? Fear not – we have a whole list of things to do that DON’T involve a partner!

Single mums on Valentines Day

The best of the Australian single mum Facebook support group

Here at SingleMum.com.au, we don’t just celebrate being single – we shove it right back in smug couples faces like a badge of honour! This is especially the case on Valentines Day.

Valentines Day is for single-pringles like you to embrace their single Facebook status and really enjoy the day – instead of couple-dodging in fear.

It’s time to throw those tired, dusty old silk rose tubes out the door, and get started on your new Valentines Day traditions – celebrating you and your kids.

Take the wheel of Valentines Day like a boss! Don’t believe us? Just ask our  Facebook single mum group members who recently posted a list of things single mums do (or don’t do) on Valentines Day.

So without further ado, and in the order they were commented in our group, here are 100+ things Aussie single mums do on Valentines Day!

What do single mums do on Valentines Day?

  1. Drink wine…. watch netflix
  2. Spoil yourself
  3. Have a special night together with my boys – call it love day 😉
  4. Teach your child Valentines doesn’t have to be about the love of a partner
    But the love of a parent as well
  5. My mum and dad have been my valentines every year..Take my daughter out for tea and ice cream 🍦
  6. I am buying a Valentine’s present that I am sharing with my kids. First time I am celebrating Valentine’s as a single mother
  7. I’m taking my 2yr old daughter and her 3yr old “boyfriend” out to dinner for their romantic date
  8. My daughter and I will go on a cruise for lunch 😊😊😊
  9. I always pick my girl up from school with a single red rose! Put little tradition and she feels so so special when I bring it to class ❤️
  10. Make myself a mini roast and watch horror movies once my 3 year old has gone to bed
  11. Crying can be an unfun activity on Valentines Day
  12. I’m going and donating blood this year then taking myself to breakfast afterwards ❤️
  13. Just spoil my son with a day out or something usually. Haven’t had a serious partner since his dad 😏
  14. Wait for the day after so I can buy myself chocolate on sale
  15. Love is love. It doesn’t have to be romantic love. I’ve celebrated Valentine’s Day for many years and I love that we have a day to celebrate love! Celebrate the love for your parents. Celebrate the love for you siblings, grandparents, friends and colleagues
  16. I get my daughters a card, chocolates and flowers every Valentine’s Day 🥰 then we go for a picnic lunch
  17. Me and another single mum are going out for dinner lol
  18. I have always shared it with my kids even while I have a partner my 4 girls and son get a rose each some chocolate a glass of fizzy with a nice cooked dinner by candle light every year they are my main loves and always will be
  19. Drink wine and watch Netflix on Valentines Day
  20. My first Valentine’s Day as a single mum after being with my husband 13 years so I’m going to spoil myself, was hoping I had a new boyfriend but that hasn’t happened 🙄
  21. I celebrate with my daughter and how much we love each other
  22. I’ve always taken my son for lunch. He is four now and will do the same 😍
  23. We me and mini me have a dinner date together with our favourite foods and things ❤️
  24. Dinner with my little one and he pays:)
  25. Do your own thing, whatever makes you happy.
  26. go jetskijng 🤣🤣🤣🤣
  27. Special dinner and movie night in bed usually ❤️
  28. I’m thinking of having a ‘hearts day’ with my two littlies. A day of celebrating how much we love each other and that we are a team
  29. This year. I’ll be finishing work early, taking the kids fishing off the pier, walk along the beach on the way home, then cook my favourite dinner, after I put the kids to bed I’ll be having a candle lit bath, chocolate and ice cream on the couch
  30. I take my daughter (5) on a dinner date
    We also gift each other a Pandora charm
  31. File for divorce… well that’s my plan …
  32. Buy my daughter a rose and love her!!! But I have done this for years even when my partner was round. 😘
  33. I go on a dinner date with my bestie. Last year we were in Queensland.
    This year I’m thinking of organising a big single mums breakfast.
  34. daughter and we do something together- watch movies or get take out…
  35. Sleep
  36. Take my children out to dinner .
    Because they are the love of my life
  37. Do nothing on Valentines Day
  38. I used to take my daughter and I out for our favourite dinner and we gave each other a gift 🙂
  39. Celebrate the love I share with my children
    I don’t think of it as a day of romance I think of it as a celebration of the emotion of love
    And the love I have for my children is the purest most intense love I can feel
  40. I do mummy and son dates with my 11yr old son and go out to lunch or picnic at the park or something
  41. Well my ex husband left on Valentine’s Day. So last year (one year anniversary of breaking up) I had dinner with friends then had a piss up at the pub
  42. Same as always nothing.
    But if you want to create new traditions with your children go for it I say.
  43. It just doesn’t exist…but then it didn’t partnered either 💁
  44. I’ve taken my kids out, I’ve gone out with my sister and also just spent it as a normal day 🤷🏼‍♀️
  45. My separation happened the day before when my ex broke my trust. I bought my girls roses the next day because they are my loves.
  46. I buy myself a bunch of flowers and a bottle of wine. I only did this last year and it was also when I moved into my new place after separation. I love thwt I got my freedom on valentines day 🤗
  47. I enjoy the company of my son and have for 4 years
  48. Celebrate with my mum and daughter 😊
  49. It’s my birthday so I get takeaway so I don’t have to cook and I have a few drinks to drown my sorrows 🤣
  50. I’ve always taken out my children it’s a day for me to celebrate my love for them💕
  51. I Buy my children a rose each n some chocolates n tell them I love them unconditionally forever .. bcs they deserve to know what love feels like . Even though I love them everyday!
  52. Nothing. wish I had a partner
  53. Netflix with cat
  54. Whatever we goddamn want (as long as you have money, and a babysitter, and not currently suffering from social anxiety or major depression). Woop woop!
  55. My little girl is my valentine ❤
  56. Just a little picnic or something like that 🥰
  57. What’s valentines? Lol..
  58. Same shit different day
  59. Have a dinner at the pub with the kids 💪🏽🍾❤️
  60. Valentines Day has me like
  61. I have previously had my daughter as my valentine to spoil. I just had my second daughter so I’ll be buying them both a valentines bear & making a special meal for them both etc (although this year that’s breastmilk for the youngest lol)
  62. Go out with my son because it is his birthday.
  63. I do it with my girls. They are my Valentine as I am there’s. We love each other. I buy them roses each year.
  64. Going out with my mum and son
  65. I’m going to go climb a mountain called ragged jack 😂😂🤷‍♀️ getting high on Jack is my plan lol
  66. Valentines day was the day I moved house in 2020 so, my 2021 Valentines Day will be chocolates, homemade fine dining with candlelight and a nice bottle of Moscato.. and a nice vase of roses just for me and my daughters. 😃
  67. Sometimes my son gets me a plastic rose. Or I get me a box of chocolate
  68. Same thing I did when partnered. Fuck all cause it’s a crock of shit
  69. Make a beautiful lunch for myself and kids and go to park maybe
  70. Nothing I thank god that I don’t have a lunatic in my life ( ex husband ) and a stalker in my life ( ex partner ) 😂😂😂
  71. Spend the day with my little true love 💓 it’s about love not being in a relationship I say
  72. Tinder guys 🤷🏼‍♀️
  73. Last year i took my kids out for ice cream this year im thinking dinner
  74. stay home workout
  75. Get the kids babysat, smash some bags and go bang a few tinder fellas.
  76. Take my boys on a lunch date (they pay but I give them money) and then give them money to buy me chocolates and flowers. I am training my boys well!
  77. Same as i did when i was married…. Everything i do on any given day. Only this time i wont be disappointed 😂
  78. Take my daughter out for a date 💕
  79. My daughters and I usually write little notes to each other and cook some yummy dessert!
  80. Set out a date night for you and your children. Last valentines I put out candles orders pizza and made deserts set it out on a picnic blanket and enjoyed my beautiful daughters company. That’s real love 💕
  81. Eat chocolate and ice cream that I buy for myself and feel sorry for myself 😢😢😂
  82. My daughters with her dad every Valentine’s Day (since it’s his birthday) so this year I’m going away for the weekend to a nice hotel, and getting spa treatments, and going in the hot springs and taking time out for me for a change
  83. Go party hard kiss a few random
  84. Vday doesn’t make me sad im so god dam happy im single I love it 💞
  85. I am actually doing a grave yard tour.
  86. Celebrate 🎉 freedom
  87. Throw a party for being independant
  88. This last year I bought myself two orchids
  89. I plan to celebrate with my children whom I love and friends .I’d rather go without anybody for one day of the year than to stay in a toxic relationship. For me needing somebody on Valentine’s Day is just a mindset .
  90. Teach your babies the meaning of love, I have always cooked a roast and decorated our kitchen area, I want my 3 sons to know how to treat a lady and how they deserve to be treated
  91. Sitting here atm watching First Dates Australia ans im feeling so relieved im not on the dating scene anymore. 😂
  92. Spoil my babies.
  93. Throw a shoe at couples on Valentines
  94. Buy my baby a Valentine because she’s my forever valentine
  95. Celebrate freedom with charged batteries
  96. Make more chocolates and eat them.
  97. Sleep 🤪
  98. Whats Valentines Day? 🙄😂
  99. Buy my girls a bunch of flowers each. They are my valentines..
  100. Get a card & a present for my daughter & take her out instead. She is the love of my life after all ❤️
  101. But I usually buy the girls a present each with some chocolates and we do a special dinner
  102. But myself something I want and enjoy it! 😍
  103. Dont know 🤣 this will b my first one single
  104. I buy my kids little Valentine’s bears and let them know that they’ll always he my Valentine’s
  105. Spend it with my girls and my parents 😂. I’ve been 3rd wheeling my parents Valentine’s forever HAHA. My daughter’s always make my dad a special Valentine’s Day card at school, he’s been their hero forever
  106. Sfa!!
  107. I used to have a valentines day lunch with my children lol I’d dress then up and buy them gifts and cook us a special lunch
  108. I make it a special day for my sons. I do a very day themed lunch box for school if its a school day. Our yr 12s every yr run a v day fund-raiser so I’ll send my boys a card, lollies and a sing-o-gram 😊
  109. Valentine’s Day plan: 1. Breakfast in bed 2. Chocolates 3. Watch movie 4. Dinner for two. 5. Regret eating two dinners.’To do list on Valentines Day
  110. make a special dinner for my kids 🙂 they are the loves of my life and I want to thank them for being amazing through some hard times.
  111. A special dinner with my daughter 🥰
  112. I’m doing a trail run with another single friend 😂 If I had my kids home we would do something together. None of this woe is me because I’m single on V day that’s for sure.
  113. Last year I took my little one out for dinner ❤️he loved his “ mum n Bub” dinner
  114. Celebrate being single 🌺
  115. Might make a nice dinner for the kids and I, but that’s it.
    Never did anything while married either as he wasn’t romantic (with me). If I tried to organise anything, it was nearly always one-sided. I’m not bitter at all. 😂
  116. I took my son out for lunch and to the trampoline place.
  117. I buy myself a gift. Self care and self love first
  118. Spoil yourself and teach your sons how to take a woman out and spoil them/ his mum
  119. Take my little boy on a dinner date 😊 Waaay better than with a man anyway!
  120. Carolyn Saunders
    Drink/bbq at home and rejoice in not paying triple at at a venue🤣🤣🤣💞
  121. Well I’m gonna sit on my ass, watching animal nature shows while eating popcorn.
  122. I bake cupcakes with the kids we cook an eat dinner of there chose an snuggle up watching movies eating cupcakes an chockys an it’s the best Valentine’s date ever
  123. Watch true crime, and tend to my plants🤣 might splurge on a new plant maybe🤣
  124. Take your children out for dinner
  125. I buy my kids gifts and we celebrate happy love day. Done it for years and they even started buying for me too ! ❤️
  126. We usually do a special meal and share the ways we love each other- my children are 8 and 11
  127. I buy myself a bunch of flowers to brighten up the place
  128. Take my son on a mummy & son date and enjoy the moment.
  129. Cook an extra nice dinner at home for my kiddies and I 😊
  130. I buy my son flowers and chocolates because he’s my valentine (but we just call it love day)
  131. Ummmm dress up and look hot for yourself once the kids are asleep, have some wine and get lit. Have some quality you time and reflect on why you’re amazing and rocking your single mummy life, feel proud and then go to bed satisfied because you are doing great
  132. Go out with other single mums 😊
  133. Cook something yummy for myself and my son. ❤️
  134. For those who are bored 🤣🤣🤣 #justkidding #calmdownkarens
    ‘If you’re bored on Valentine’s Day just go up to random couples in restaurants and yell “Who the hell is she?!” Josh Weller Gjoshweller Spending my Valentine’s outside a nice restaurant shouting ‘WELL YOU MOVED ON PRETTY QUICKLY’ to random couples walking in’100 things Aussie single mums can do on Valentines Day (no man required!)
  135. I celebrate my son’s birthday! Otherwise I get all the single ladies together and have a nice brunch or lunch with a few drinks 😊
  136. Take my children on a date night 🥰
  137. I take my girl out last Valentine’s day I bought a heap of snacks, movies and face masks ect and me and my girl did a pamper day and movie night
  138. Netflix and chill…. by yourself 🤣
  139. I still celebrate valentines day but with my daughters, i buy them gifts and they gift me and we celebrate love day with a beautiful candle lit dinner, just because I’m single doesn’t stop me from showing the love to the real loves of my life, my children
  140. Masturbate #selfcare
  141. Is Valentine’s Day still a thing?? Didn’t do anything the whole 10 yrs I was married.
  142. Flowers, Uber Eats & Netflix kid free 😂
  143. Get together with girl friends and have Gal-entines day!
  144. I’m thinking of taking my son on a lil date 🥰 and a play at a park/ playground (he’s 2)
  145. Buy flowers for myself and think I deserve it😊😊😊
  146. Eat Pasta
  147. Catch up with my girl friends or treat my 3 little girls to a yummy dinner 🥘 Who needs men lol 😆
  148. Treat yourself lol with a massage
  149. Thinking of having a few days away with my son. This is my first year on my own and it’s also our wedding anniversary 2 days later so need to be distracted
  150. Sit down with my babies do a dinner they make me cards at school lol but is our dog birthday so we more so celebrate that
  151. I Laugh 😂 coz I’m free from negative relationships in the past and anyway it’s my bday the next day lol 😂 so we just all go out anyway
  152. Usually a little family date night with my son and mum with our favourite cuisine. If it’s a daycare day I go for a swim and sun bake or bushwalk to a waterfall and celebrate the love I have for me 🙂
  153. Buy roses and smell
  154. I’ve planned a weekend away with my girlfriends ❤️ first Valentine’s Day single (and it’s my birthday too) and I cannot wait 🎉🍾👯‍♀️
  155. Masterbate in the mirror lol
  156. I usually have a small treat with the kids.
  157. treat myself 🙂
  158. Enjoy all my best moment with ppl who i love the most. Myself and my children 💕
  159. I treat myself from the kids
  160. Grab your besties and have a Galentines Day instead
  161. I’m taking my kids out for dinner they are my special dates 💗
  162. Same thing I’ve always done – nothing.
  163. Masturbate. 🔥
  164. Spoil yourself and live it up and go out to a nice restaurant with a girlfriend or your kids. Put it on your credit card if you must. That day stands for true love: must celebrate that!
  165. I take my lil guys out for a picnic ❤️
  166. Make little baggies with goodies and affirmation and hand out to random people. It’s nice to show kindness whether they need it or not
  167. I don’t acknowledge Valentine’s Day, regardless of my relationship status 🤗
  168. Nothing. Just another day
  169. date
  170. Celebrating Chinese New Year. First time in 3 years now. Not seeing any family for 2 years is bad enough. Now it’ll be 3 years if there’s still no international travellers allowed till end of this year.
  171. On Valentines Day I will take over the world
  172. Celebrate single awareness day.
    Or really nothing. It’s not like it’s Xmas, Easter or Halloween
  173. Taking my kids out for dinner. Buy my self roses
  174. What they do every day pinky, try to take over the world!
  175. Eat chocolate, like every other day 🤣🤣🤣
  176. I treat myself. I usually buy myself some flowers or a nice candle and then grab some take out and watch a couple of romantic comedies 😊
  177. Nothing… The same as I did in my 2 marriages 🤣
  178. Enjoy my life hahaha
  179. This year I’ll get my girls a chocolate rose or something after all it’s just a bloody gimmick holiday
  180. Treats with my kids so we can celebrate our love for each other together. Sometimes I give them cards, or take them for icecream, or make a formal dinner at home
  181. I used to get my single girlfriends and their kids around for bubbles, bbq and cake! We gave each other small gifts too… was fun!!! Now I buy my kids a valentines cake for biscuits ❤️
  182. I order myself flowers and chocolates and act surprised
  183. Spoil themselves & have a special dinner with their children 🥰

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