Single Mother Surveys and Studies Call Outs

Single Mother Surveys and Studies Call Outs

2009 Archive

Single Mother Surveys and Studies Call Outs

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*CLOSED* Queensland University of Technology | 2009 – 2010
Single Mother Surveys and Studies Call Outs
Single Parent Research Project – separated parents – The study is about single parents’ experiences of single parenthood, specifically in relation to social attitudes read more…

*CLOSED* Commonwealth Attorney-General’s Department | December 2009
Single Mother Surveys and Studies Call Outs
Family Violence and Family Law – separated parents and children (8-17 years) – The surveys seek to explore the experiences of parents and children during and after parental separation that has occurred since 1995. We are particularly interested in how family violence has impacted on the participants’ decision-making during relationship breakdown ( including decisions about accessing courts and dispute resolution services, decisions while attending courts and other services and the effect of family violence on parenting arrangements) read more…

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Please read our guidelines first… believes that single parent research is important, and has assisted many Universities and organisations in collecting single mother input for their studies. These include Ballarat, Bond and Edith Cowan Universities, and organisations such as the Commonwealth Attorney-Generals Dept, the Brotherhood of St Laurence and NAPCAN.

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