DVD Review – Disney – 101 Dalmatians 2 – Patch’s London Adventure

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Disney DVD – 101 Dalmatians 2

The great 101 Dalmatians sequel from Disney
15 August 2012 | Product Review

101 Dalmatians 2 – Patch’s London Adventure is the sequel to the incredibly popular classic, 101 Dalmatians – and the good news is, you can now own this great kids DVD on Bluray as well as DVD!

101 Dalmatians 2 – Patch’s London Adventure picks up where 101 Dalmatians leaves off, in the same charming vintage Disney style.

This is the story of Patch, one of the original, adorable black and white spotted puppies we came to know and love in 101 Dalmatians. But we find that Patch is suffering from an identity crisis – how can he be known and loved for the puppy he is, and not as just one of one hundred and one Dalmatian puppies?

With lots of fun, music and adventure, there are some new and endearing characters to meet too – such as Patch’s unlikely TV hero Thunderbolt. There is a rather surprising undercover villian to discover, as well as the evil Cruella De Vil to contend with yet again. However – spoiler alert! – against all the odds, Patch and Thunderbolt triumph to save the day, and become the famous heros that we knew they were all along!


101 Dalmatians 2 – Patch’s London Adventure is an exciting romp that will have the kids glued to this fun doggy adventure for the length of the entire movie – plenty of time for mum or dad to get dinner ready!

It’s yet another hit from Disney and a definite must for all Disney (and dog!) fans!
101 Dalmatians 2 – Patch’s London Adventure is now available on Blu-ray and DVD from 15 August 2012

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