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Disney DVD – 101 Dalmatians

A Timeless Classic DVD from Disney
15 August 2012 | Product Review

101 Dalmatians, that essential timeless classic from Disney is now available to purchase for your home children’s DVD collection.

101 Dalmatians has all the key elements of a great movie – romance, humour, suspense, an evil character…plus an added ingredient to get the kids in – 15 adorable black and white spotted puppies! How can 101 Dalmatians not be a kid-hit?!

The movie opens with Pongo a Dalmatian, who lives with his master, Roger. The bachelors meet the loves of their lives – the beautiful Anita who just so happnes to own an equally beautiful Dalmatian, Perdita!

The two couples settle down in newly married bliss. Soon, puppies are on the way for Pongo and Perdita, who welcome 15 bouncy new puppies to the family home – but there is evil afoot! The wicked Cruella De Vil dognaps the 15 puppies with the plan to make herself a doggy-fur coat!


It’s dogs (and an unexpected cat!) to the rescue, with an animal network saving the puppies, thwarting the evil Cruella De Vil’s plans and winning the day – all of which results in the happy Disney-ending we all love to see.

This 1961 classic loses none of it’s charm and likeability, and will have the kids enchanted and enthralled from start to finish. 101 Dalmatians is a classic children’s DVD for anyone’s DVD collection.
101 Dalmatians is now available on Blu-ray and DVD from 15 August 2012

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