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Disney DVD – Beauty And The Beast

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6 July 2012 | Product Review

Beauty And The Beast is a true Disney classic that should be on the shelves of everyone’s childhood DVD collection. But be warned! Time is running out to secure your own copy, with this much-loved movie returning into the Disney Vault on 31 July!

Beauty And The Beast is a tale of the power of love.

We meet the beautiful Belle, a carefree, happy girl that dares to defy convention by reading books and having a mind of her own. One day, her whole life changes when she finds herself imprisoned by a hideous Beast, in exchange for her Father’s safe release.

Belle at first resents the Beast, but in time comes to know and love him – beneath his gruff exterior lies the bravery and heart of a true prince.

One of the many delights for children in this movie is the Beast’s enchanted staff that care for Belle while she stays in the Beast’s castle – talking, dancing household objects, that are absolutely endearing. The elegant Angela Lansbury is Mrs Potts the teapot, with her son Chip, a cute little tea-cup. There’s the wardrobe, the candle-stick, and of course Cogsworth the clock.


In the end, it is the Beast’s true love for Belle, and the love of Belle for the Beast that finally release him from the spell, and turns him back into the handsome Prince.

Beauty And The Beast is a magical story that will have the children both enthralled and delighted with it from start to finish. But don’t be mistaken in thinking that this is just a DVD for the children – Mums may also find themselves even more swept up in the romance of the tale than their kids! With the spectacular music score and captivating love story with a perfect happy ending – what more could you ask for in a movie?!

Beauty And The Beast is available on Blu-ray and DVD and goes back into the Disney Vault on 31 July 2012 – so don’t miss out!

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