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Disney DVD – Treasure Buddies

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A new “Buddies” DVD from Disney

When my kids heard that a sixth Disney Buddies movie – Treasure Buddies – was coming out, they were very eager to see it – and it certainly didn’t disappoint!

All of their favourite Buddies puppies are back in Treasure Buddies – Rosebud, B-Dawg, Budderball, Buddha and Mudbud – and they’re ready for a new adventure!

When trouble threatens Mudbud’s owner Pete and his Grandfather the Buddies follow close behind, stowing away on their plane to mysterious Egypt.

The Buddies romp their way through Egyptian markets, deserts and ancient monuments, solving puzzles and avoiding booby-traps as they go – and the evil cat Ubasti!

The race is on to find the precious Cat’s Eye Jewel necklace, the lost treasure of Cleocatra – and so save all of Dog-kind!

As always, the Buddies are great fun to watch by both kids and adults alike. This is perhaps the best Buddies movie yet – a riotous romp packed with mystery, suspense – and hilarious puppy one-liners that only the Buddies can deliver so well.


There are new friends to be met along the way too, with the oh-so-cute Cammy the baby camel and Babi the mischievous monkey – a rather resplendent fellow in his little suit and hat!

The storyline is nicely grounded in a way that the kids are able to follow, but is exciting enough to keep them guessing what happens next. There was lots of shouting, gasps and laughter throughout the movie, which the kids and I watched avidly from beginning to end.

It’s yet another Buddies sure-fire hit from Disney that children of all ages are going to love – and don’t be too surprised if you find yourself sitting down with them to watch it too!
Treasure Buddies is available on Blu-ray and DVD from July 4, 2012

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