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Diamond Edition
01 October 2012 | DVD Review

Prepare to be swept away in this classic tale of romance…


Cinderella is the essential fairy tale that will have every little girl dreaming of her happily ever after.

The ultimate rags-to-riches tale, the beautiful golden-haired Cinderella spends her days slaving away for her two ugly step-sisters and sinister, cruel step-mother.

Her life of drudgery is brightened by her adoring and protective little furry and feathered animal friends. But what Cinderella wants most of all is to go to the ball – but how can she when her step mother and sisters will do anything to prevent it?

Bibbidi Bobbidi Boo! – enter Cinderella’s Fairy Godmother who can make miracles happen, and dreams come true.

Cinderella’s rags are replaced with a beautiful ball gown, and a pumpkin and her faithful little animal friends are transformed into a beautiful coach and four white horses – Cinderella can go to the ball after all!

But there is a catch – she must be home before midnight when the magic spell ends and everything turns back to what it originally was.

Cinderella is thrilled to be attending the ball, and there she meets her Prince Charming – but alas! The clock strikes twelve and Cinderella must flee before the spell wears off and her true identity is revealed…

Cinderella has lost none of its magic or charm since its original release in 1950.

Now a whole new generation of little girls and boys can delight in this wonderful story, and have their very own Cinderella Diamond Edition DVD or Blu-ray to play over and over again.

Cinderella is the ultimate Disney fairy tale movie, and is an absolute must-have for every childhood DVD collection.

Cinderella Diamond Edition is available from 3 October on Disney Blu-ray or DVD
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