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Mickey Mouse Clubhouse – Mickey’s Message From Mars Disney Junior DVD
25 September 2012 | DVD Review

All the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse Pals Are Back!

Mickey and all the Clubhouse Pals are back for a new Mickey Mouse Clubhouse Adventure!

Something funny is going on, on Mars…Mickey and Professor Von Drake have spotted a colourful flashing light coming from Mars – from someone that looks just like him! The message is deciphered by Toodles as “Please come help!” – and of course, that’s just what Mickey and his pals must do!

It’s Mickey, Daisy, Goofy, and Pluto to the rescue, and all of them are soon rocketing their way to Mars, complete with a full set of Mouse-ke-tools from the ever-helpful Toodles.

The Mickey Mouse Clubhouse DVDs are great kid-pleasers – but don’t think that they are the kind of kids DVD that has them glued to the TV like a Zombie! As the stories unfold, Mickey appeals to the viewer to help select the correct “Mousketools” to solve problems – be prepared for the kids yelling answers at the screen as the story gets them in! Mickey always has something new to teach, or new words and concepts to add to your little one’s vocabulary!

These DVDs are colourful, bright and engaging, and the plots are easy for little children to follow. All in all, the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse is a parent and kid win-win DVD series!


Mickey’s Message From Mars and another new release, Mickey Mouse Clubhouse Space Adventure are now available on DVD from 5 September 2012

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